Title: Documentary Evidence: Pages from The Falcon's Notebook
Series: Life, Refracted, part III
Author: [personal profile] twistedchick
Rating: Gen (distinctly unslashy)
Warning: none
Summary: A few entries from Sir James Lester's private journals that were previously omitted from publication, ranging from his Oxford days until he took control of the ARC. As part III of Life, Refracted, this is a companion piece to The Selkie's Lover, and may not make much sense without it.
Length: 5309 words

Many thanks to my long-suffering beta readers, zana16, alyse and siliconshaman, for Britpicking far beyond the call of friendship. All errors are mine. This story does take place in ARC Universe, not in the world we live in, so certain aspects of British government and history may look unfamiliar or odd.
Title: The Cuckoo's Child
Series: Life, Refracted (part one)
Author: [personal profile] twistedchick
Rating: Gen
Pairings: Helen/Nick, Helen/Stephen, Nick/Claudia Brown
Warnings: canon-level violence, alternate interpretation of canon, anomaly travel, multiple universes
Summary: Helen finds more than one new world on the other side of an anomaly.
Disclaimer: Primeval isn't mine, but any alternate universes may be.
Length: 9,900 words

Title: The Selkie's Lover
Series: Life, Refracted (part two)
Author: [personal profile] twistedchick
Pairing: Nick/Helen, Helen/Stephen, Nick/Stephen
Warnings: canon-level violence, possible OC death, multiple universes; unrated but this is not for children.
Summary: Stephen's world is changed, three times over ten years, by luck, love and loss.
Disclaimer: Primeval isn't mine, but any alternate universes may be.
Length: 65,500 words

Notes for both: I am profoundly grateful to the beta readers and Britpickers, without whom this would have been an inexact mess: silicon shaman, writerlibrarian, neotoma, blktauna, alyse, ciann, clanwilliam, zana16.

This story takes certain liberties with the geography and history of Britain (and Europe, as well) but in its (and my) defense I will point out that this may not be the Britain you know, but the ARC-Universe, through the anomalous looking-glass, so to speak. Also, I have borrowed the words of a conversation many years ago with one of the Marines who liberated an international group of nurses who had been held in primitive conditions in a Japanese detainment camp during World War II, and transformed the words into quotes from a nonexistent study; for the sake of confidentiality I will not attributed the quotations further than that.


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