This week's pic!spam is simply the team - both the team from Series 1 and 2, and nu!team from Series 3. High res pics come from [ profile] shootastic. Click on the pic for a bigger version.

Team Awesome )

[personal profile] aithine has also suggested that to liven it up a bit ::g:: I should issue you all with a challenge, and as I'm apparently her bitch, that's what I'm going to do. Take one or more of these pictures and make something with it - icons, manips, blends, wallpapers, whatever you feel like - and post it to the comm :)

Have fun!
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([personal profile] alyse Sep. 5th, 2010 10:05 pm)
I asked [personal profile] moonlettuce last weekend what I should do for a pic!spam, and she said, "Nekkid people!"

Given that the show is a family show, there is a lack of actual nekkid people, but here's the best I can do. Call it 'people who are less than fully clothed'. Consequently, there's an awful lot of series 1 Abby and a notable lack of Nick, Lester, Claudia or Jenny ::g::

Caps are either mine or [ profile] seraphina_snape's.

Here be people who are not wearing any strides! )

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I don't think we've had a Becker pic!spam before. We've had guys with guns, and we've had soldier boys, but Becker doesn't seem to have ever had his own pic!spam.

So have a Becker pic!spam ::g::

As always, click on the thumbnail for a bigger pic, and even bigger versions are available on [ profile] shootastic's site.

Becker )

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([personal profile] alyse Jun. 20th, 2010 06:05 pm)
I couldn't think of a theme for this week's pic!spam - too little sleep for the old brain cells to be functioning ::g:: - so I decided to go with a general 'pics that make me happy' theme.

So below are some of my favourite pics, the ones that make be go awww or unf or omg! Most are from [ profile] shootastic's site, but some will be [ profile] seraphina_snape's screencaps. You should know the drill by now - click on the thumbnail for larger versions and feel free to spam the comments with pics that make you happy. And don't forget that you can always volunteer to do/suggest a theme for a pic!spam here.

Happy making pics )

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I promised [info]avrooml that I'd post the promo shots I have that went with the series 1 advert we were talking about yesterday on [community profile] andrewleepotts so here they are below the cut.

High res promos courtesy of [info]shootastic. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version, and [info]shootastic has a larger version still.

Series 1 trailer promo shots )

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Random collection of team shots today, because I completely forgot it was Sunday! And ignored the reminder I'd set up because I was in the middle of cooking lunch ::g::

High res promos from [profile] shootastic, screencaps will be [personal profile] seraphina_snape's.

Team Shots )

The theme of this week's post is 'smile, you're on candid camera!' In other words, pictures of our eponymous heroes and heroines smiling. And rare beasties those pics are, I can tell you ::g::

As always, screencaps are probably [personal profile] seraphina_snape's because I think they're largely series 1. Promos from [profile] shootastic. Volunteer/suggestion post here.

Pictures... here! )

My brain... somewhere over there somewhere.

Enjoy! And don't forget, you can always add your own favourite pics on this theme in the comments.
Thought I'd go for the prettiness of Claudia/Jenny today. Just because :)

High res pics from the [profile] shootastic. Screencaps probably from [personal profile] seraphina_snape. As always, clicking on the thumbnail will get you to the larger pic.

Claudia/Jenny )

Don't forget that you can suggest a theme or volunteer to do pic!spam one Sunday over on primeval_canon here, or comment on this post.
Some pics of Stephen underneath the cut, doing what he does best - looking pretty and being heroic.

High res pics would have come from the [profile] shootastic site, and the screencaps will have been [personal profile] seraphina_snape's. As always, clicking on the thumbnail will get you to the larger pic.

Stephen )

Don't forget that you can suggest a theme or volunteer to do pic!spam one Sunday here. I'll be crossposting this to [community profile] primeval, for those over you over on Dreamwidth as well :)
Apparently, [personal profile] temaris and I were thinking alike today.

Pics below the cut - and there are a lot of them, so be warned if you're on dial up. High quality promos courtesy of [profile] shootastic (albeit reduced in size here); screencaps courtesy of [personal profile] seraphina_snape, [personal profile] moonlettuce and me. Bigger pics if you click on the thumbnail. Please feel free to add your own pics in the comments, and don't forget you can volunteer for/suggest a pic!spam here.

Critters! )
I often do a Sunday Pic!Spam for primeval_canon over on livejournal, so I thought 'why not share the joy over on Dth?'

So have some pics of ships that aren't mainstream or even, in some cases, where there's no fic at all that I'm aware of (although in this fandom, who knows ::g::). So there will be no Connor/Abby, Nick/Stephen, Stephen/Ryan, Claudia or Jenny/Nick or Sarah/Becker pics under the cut, but there may be quite a few other pairings :) And that's without me even touching on the threesomes or moresomes possibilities.

The high quality pics have come from shootastic (you have to register to see the pics), and shootastic has much bigger versions (I tend to reduce to about 25% for pic!spams). I've supplemented the spam with some of [personal profile] seraphina_snape's screencaps, and possibly my screencaps or [personal profile] moonlettuce's caps if there are any that snuck in from series 3. Clicking on the thumbnail will get you to a larger version. Images are hosted on my LJ scrapbook.

Unconventional Shipping )

Enjoy! And if anyone has a theme they'd like to see in the future, I'm always, always looking for volunteers to do pic!spams or suggest a theme here on primeval_canon.